Welcome to Janzow.org

- The website of Christopher Janzow

My humble presence on the web.

This is my website - It's been my home on the web for about 10 years now (I think). While it isn't much, it is mine. I've done all the setup and configuration on it, from setting up the server to the databases. Granted I'm not much of a web developer so a lot of things such as the layout design or the scripts that run some of the functions are others projects that I have reused. In the end I don't do much with this space, but like I said it is mine.

Yet Another New Server     2-6-2018

My previous host upgraded my old server and wiped some stuff I had running. It made me mad so I've moved to a new server. I've found a new image gallery program to use (the previous one didn't play well with PHP7). I've now moved over Maddies food blog (migrating the wordpress site was easier than I had feared). Fixed the guestbook script as it also didn't play well with PHP7 but was not too involved to fix..

The second step

I suppose I'm looking for some direction here. As far as geeky projects go, I'm considering posting some of the process of the making of this site, my arduino projects and circuits, and other projects I take on. Even projects like building a cat scratch post will go here. My photo albums will go here.

New Server:     3-18-2015

In preparation for my move to London, I've moved the web portion of Janzow.org to a new server. Things load much faster now that the site is on a dedicated connection. The image gallery has especially benefitted from this. Only downside is I now have to upload pics rather than drop them on my server at home, but the view speed more than makes up for this.